As the Internet continues to develop, users will require more interaction and movement. From online brochures to full web applications we can create a complete online experience with the use of the latest innovations in Flash technology.

Flash Presentation Samples

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Media Design Interactive Presentations/Motion Graphics

This is the web version of our CD ROM business card.
Includes a rich media video presentation, screensaver downloads and CD ROM business card templates.

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LIDO Telecommunications Essentials ® E-Learning

This is the online brochure for a CD ROM and web based subscription product offering over 22 hours of telecommunications courses.
The presentations include video, PowerPoint presentations, timed transcripts along with search and bookmarking features.

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Media Design Flash Intro I

This is the first in a series of company related Flash presentations.
Features special text effects.

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Media Design Flash Intro II

This is the second in a series of company related Flash presentations.
Features special text and background image effects.

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Media Design Web Development Process

Successful Web Development is always the result of a sound process.
Our process includes four phases:

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Telecommmunications Essentials™ - Flash Version

This Flash movie makes extensive use of frames, nine total, in just the overall layout.
Best viewed at 800x600 or higher resolution.
Requires the Flash 4 plugin.

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LIDO Flash Commercial -Take One

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials - Building Telecommunications Knowledge.
Features more text effects.

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LIDO.TV Telecommunications Learning Channel

Streaming video tutorials - the latest addition to LIDO's portfolio of educational services and products - and found only on Lido.TV
These presentations have been optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 728.

Web Applications

Flash Presentations

Streaming Video